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NBTXR3 is delivered into the tumor by intratumoral injection. After injection NBTXR3 stays within the tumor over time. When the patient undergoes radiotherapy, the nanoparticles in the tumor can absorb the energy beam very efficiently.

As a result a high dose of energy is deposited within the tumor and it may be assumed based on available data the tumor killing is higher compared to radiotherapy without nanoparticles.

The absorption of the energy beam is a local event and as a result there is no additional damage caused in the healthy tissue. The level of damage in the healthy tissue that is caused by radiotherapy remains unchanged.

Nanoparticles (in blue with an orange surface) are delivered into the tumor cells by intratumoral injection. Once activated by a high energy beam like radiotherapy (yellow wave-shaped beam) the nanoparticles emit electrons which subsequently generate radicals (red dots, these are reactive molecules containing oxygen). These radicals can destroy essential functional elements of the cell and thereby cause tumor cell death.


As such the nanoparticles were designed to increase the therapeutic benefit of radiotherapy. The nanoparticles are made out of an inert material and are very well tolerated and safe in humans so far. In Soft Tissue Sarcoma the nanoparticles are injected into the tumor before radiotherapy and are later removed during the surgical procedure when the tumor is excised.

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