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The purpose of healthcare research in humans is to improve the care and treatment of patients at all stages of disease. Clinical trials are a key step in the process of developing a healthcare product, and they aim to establish or evaluate the efficacy and safety of new treatments.


Clinical trials are designed and managed according to strict standards scientific, legal, regulatory and methodological standards, and are governed by medical ethics. Clinical trials follow after preclinical in vitro and in vivo studies have been completed, and can only be initiated after authorization from health authorities and regulatory bodies, which are closely involved in clinical trial design.

The results of clinical trials – in case they are positive –form the basis – among many other things – for the market authorization of the product.


Nanobiotix aims to develop innovative, safe and effective therapeutic products for the treatment of cancer, and the interests of patients are at the heart of our concerns. Our clinical trials are implemented in partnership with the medical community, and are run according to strict scientific protocols, and in compliance with medical ethics.

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